MARANELLO, Italy – After another season losing out on the Formula Drivers and Constructors Titles to Mercedes, Ferrari spokesman Mariano Buca di Beppo, admitted the famed constructor did not realize the Formula 1 season had two halves.  “It caught us by surprise, honestly.  Ten races seemed like a lot to us, but to find out there’s actually over 20 was quite the surprise.”  Buca di Beppo added, “We normally stopped developing the car after race 8, as you can see from our performances, the car was untouchable. Mercedes never had an answer for us, what a car, a thing of beauty.  To find out, now, that there was still 12+ races remaining is quite infuriating.  We’ll have words with the FIA heads, for sure.”

The team failed to answer any questions about still racing after race 10 each season, but ensured Tifosi around the world the team would be back for the whole of 2019, although admitting the WEC’s Hypercar regulations were appealing due to the WEC’s shortened schedule and minimal worldwide viewers.