LOS ANGELES, California – A string of racing-related documentaries have been released on major streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu and a common theme has emerged – the life of a racing driver is really pretty uninteresting.  One pro driver told The Lugg Nutt, “Yeah, it’s really cool not knowing if I’ll have a job next year and then having to kiss ass to every snake oil salesman team owner, or worse a rich amateur driver, in the paddock.  Love that.”

Another pro race driver added, “I mean, driving GT3 cars and the occasional LMP2 is pretty cool, but I also have to spend five straight days in Bowmanville, Ontario and Alton, Virginia with a bunch of dudes who always smell like grease and GOOP.  How exotic.”  The driver continued,Just wait until you have to do a three-day coaching session in the off-season with a retired podiatrist at Gingerman. Three dinners at the South Haven Applebees get a little old.  I can only imagine what those Trans Am guys have to go through.  On top of that, the fans, ugh.  Have you ever dealt with sportscar fans? Good Lord they’re a bunch of annoying creeps. Hashtag blessed.”