WOKING, England – In an ugly turn of events, Woking native and WEC fanatic Harry Peddington, has announced a hunger strike until the FIA admits that the World Endurance Championship is bigger and better than Formula 1.  “There is nothing more pure than endurance racing.  Man vs machine, mega manufacturers spending hundreds of millions vs privateers spending peanuts, BoP, EoT, WEC has it all,” said Peddington in a letter penned to the FIA two hours into his hunger strike.  “I will not eat one single morsel of food until the FIA does the right thing and puts the WEC on top of their food chain and moves F1 to where it should be – below WRC.”

FIA Communications Director Amelia Pondier was asking about Mr. Peddington during a recent press conference and responded, “We appreciate Mr. Peddington’s dedication to the WEC, but honestly like most Englishmen in 2018, he’s a little soft around the edges and it probably would do more good than harm to lay off the fish and chips for bit.  Formula 1 is our flagship and always will be.  Until the WEC can put more than 55,000 fans in the stands at each and every race and attract partners bigger than PrintStampsAtHome.com, WEC will get the attention they deserve.