ALTON, Virginia – South Boston News and Record investigative reporter and internet sleuth hobbiest Martin Davis recently released a bombshell report claiming that Virginia International Raceway’s famed Oak Tree was not knocked down from a lightning strike, but was actually an inside job.

The report states, “…documents were recovered and photographed by a track facilities worker from an old filing cabinet that had been set out for recycling, but had not been properly scrutinized by staff.”  One document included a print version of a secured email from the track’s head of communications and marketing stating, “We need something big.  We’ve made all these great upgrades to the track and facilities, we need to make some noise.  The tree needs to go.  Send Robbie out there the morning after the next storm and have him roughly cut, then burn parts of it.  We’ll claim a lightning strike took it down….”

VIR did not respond to our request for comment on this story.