DAYTONA, Florida – NASCAR confirmed a recent report that big changes are coming to the budgeting process for the North American-based stock car series with the biggest hit affecting the marketing department.  NASCAR board member Franklin [Fox] Jefferson commented, “Things have been rough the last couple of seasons and have not exactly gone according to plan.  Monster Energy brought in some much-needed dollars and that bacon company did too, but ticket sales and TV viewing numbers are slipping, and have been slipping for awhile now.  We can’t quite figure it out, but it’s not because of the Stages, The Chase or 40 races per year, the fans love that stuff.”  Jefferson continued, “Where things aren’t slipping, however, are internet message boards.  The three largest NASCAR-related forums – Jaeski, 9/10ths, and NASCAR World, had an average of 4.6 million combined comments from 2014-2017.  For 2019, each comment from 2018 will equal one marketing dollar.  While we’ll need to lock in budgets soon, it looks like marketing will have 4.89 million to work with Expect to see more NASCAR advertising in strong and consistent markets like cable TV, print magazines and direct mailing campaigns.  We’re confident this will help get NASCAR back in the homes of our consumers.”