Franklin, TN – The Taylor family, headed by patriarch Wayne, has become a racing dynasty along with sons Ricky and Jordan so you would be forgiven for forgetting about another son, Dan, who quit racing to work at Lids. “It was all my choice to take up a career at Lids,” Dan confirmed, “Ricky and Jordan make me so proud, but I do not regret going down my own path. The stresses of travel and pressure to compete almost year round was too much. Sitting in the food court and enjoying a lunch from Great Steak and Potato Company has its perks. There was never any ill will between me and dad about the way things worked out, and I know I always have his support.

When asked about Dan, Wayne looked uncomfortable which was no doubt due to the pride he must feel, “In all honesty I forgot about him. He hasn’t come around for years and other than the fact that he keeps adding Jordan to the Lids mailing list we don’t talk about him. Ricky got a camo patterned New York Yankees hat in the mail a couple years ago, for some reason, which we assumed was from Dan.”

The author reported Wayne’s comments back to Dan who then asked the author to mention the fantastic friends and family discounts Lids offers and how he would like his family to come in to take advantage.