DAYTONA, Florida – Rating declines year over year, visibly empty seats that cannot be minimized by camera angles, family drama, and worried stakeholders have all come to a head for NASCAR in 2018. With pleas and pressure from the outside, the France family has taken the bold step to move outside their circle and appoint Big Mouth Billy Bass to the dual positions of Chairman and CEO. NASCAR Public Relations manager, Fred Stills, told the assembled media, “NASCAR has been listening to our customers which have stated the sport was better before. Nostalgia can be a strong drug, but that is not to say there is no truth to their concerns. With that we have chosen Big Mouth Billy Bass to lead us into the future. The Big Mouth Billy Bass brand peaked in the early 2000s which is the era of NASCAR a majority of our customers would like to see make a return.” Billy Big Mouth Bass spoke briefly and directed everyone to don’t worry be happy now.