SRO, the world renowned GT-based racing promoter and sanctioning body, is constantly on the cutting edge of safety while never sacrificing excitement on the track.  By implementing Balance of Performance to keep different machines on the same pace, adding minimum pit stop times for teams and implementing minimum stint lengths for cars, SRO’s Blancpain GT Series has been one of the fastest growing and most competitive sportscar series to date.

Starting with the 2019 season, SRO has recently announced that further safety improvements are coming where the cars will be trucked from circuit to circuit, but will never be unloaded from their transporters.  Jacques Perrier, SRO’s Vice President of Competition and Safety, said, “It’s a great step forward to improve safety in racing.  Our competitors are spending $500,000, sometimes $600,000 on these machines and they are expensive to fix if an accident occurs.  This also gives the fans a new look at the cars.  Everyone has seen a car on track, but how many can say they’ve seen one above them?”. 

Perrier added, “The solution has two core benefits – cost savings and safety.  If cars stay in the transporters, there are no accidents where drivers and spectators can get hurt, no damage to repair, teams can hire less crew and the driver just becomes a promotional model like we see from female NASCAR racers. Our manufacturer partners love it”. 

The 2019 Blancpain GT Series kicks off at Italy’s Monza in April.