DAYTONA, Florida – NASCAR has heard you and responded!  Never again will fans have to struggle with getting the perfect angles and corners when carving Dale’s Number 3 into their Uncle’s (or Aunt’s) back hair.  With new 3D-print technology and partnering with Schick, NASCAR was able to create attachments that fit any electric razor, so the most die hard fans can proudly display their favorite drivers number in their back sweater.  The new back hair trim line will start with #3, #8, #88, #22, #24 and #48, but will soon expand to the entire grid over the coming months.  “We’re happy to allow our fans to fully express themselves.  The sloppily-groomed numbers on their backs were not a good look for the sport, but now the lines are crisp and exactly match the fonts you see on each car.”

Find the attachments at your local K-Mart, Sears or Pilot Flying J Travel Center starting at $19.99.