MANCHESTER, England – With the FIA’s WEC SuperSeason in full swing, fans in Europe have been tricked into thinking its the summer season, all year long.  Graham Abbington, meteorologist for Manchester’s News 6 Now, has never seen anything like this, and he believes it’s due to the SuperSeason format.  “It’s unexplainable.  I’ve seen three Englishmen walking outside in shorts and Toyota Gazoo t-shirts this week! It’s below 4* Celcius! It’s November! This is not the time for racing, nor is it the time for summer wear!”  

Abbington’s German colleague, Frederic Muller, has been putting out weekly warnings during his Sunday forecasts.  “Flips flops in the rain!  Flip flops without socks, mind you.  What kind of German wears flip flops without socks?!”  Muller continued, “It’s really a dangerous situation.  I was at the market when a guy walks in with a Clearwater Racing hat on his head – still wearing his sunglasses – buying sunscreen and Bud Light Lime-A-Rita!”

Both meteorologists agree that if WEC fans do not get back to reality that the SuperSeason is just a gimmick for easy, off-season TV views and not actually a continual summer, they will face frost bite or worse: potential amputation.