PARIS, France – The ACO has spoken out against the many fans and critics of their second-tier prototype class who are calling LMP2 a “spec” class, similar to IMSA’s now-dead Prototype Challenge class.  “It’s a spec class! 1) It’s Pro-Am  2) Everyone just uses the ORECA  3) It’s spec and that goes against the very definition of the word “prototype”.  ACO should be ashamed of themselves, it’s no different than IMSA’s PC crap“, said Mark Tomlinson, a sportscar racing enthusiast and historian.

This is not true at all.  3 of every 100 LMP2 machines sold and raced are from Ligier. The rulebook is very clear.  There are four different LMP2 constructors and I have seen all four with my very eyes.  I have even seen the Riley on track! This is an unsubstantiated claim! Slanderous”, said ACO Director of Prototype Competition, Maxime Trullier.