Avid sim racer Michael Johnson took to the Slightly Mad Studios forums earlier this week to voice his displeasure over the physics of the video game Project CARS 2.  “It’s crap! When I’m in my Mom’s basement using my plastic toy steering wheel and pedal set, I clearly want realism!  I’ve spend $45 dollars, $48 if you include DLC, on this game and this is what I get?!”, said an exasperated Johnson.

Project CARS 2 was released over a year ago, September of 2017, but Johnson still does not have the game dialed in to his liking. “I’ve got vertical load set to 55%, steering rack up to 100%, damper effect at 90%, not to mention overall force feedback set to 95% and I still can’t break into the 1:40s at Daytona in a GT3?! Are you kidding me?!!?! Where do I go from here? Where? Tell me!”  

Johnson ended his forum outburst, “I can’t go back to iRacing, I just can’t.  This is my only hope”.  Three angry-face emojis closed his post.