DAYTON, Ohio – Mark Tillman, owner of a 2006 4.6L V8 Mustang, had his Mustang Club of America membership revoked after it was revealed that the 20-year MCA member did not do a burnout while leaving Dayton’s Cars and Coffee event the third Saturday of September.

John Montgomery, MCA Midwest President, said, “You have a duty as an MCA member to show off the true Ford power of a Mustang when leaving an event.  Our club is based on points, similar to Continuing Education Credits, and if you do not have a minimum number of points, you get booted”.  Continuing on the situation Montgomery stated, “It’s a simple system – 1 point for a burnout goes toward your club points, 3 points if you clip a spectator during said burnout, 5 points if you crash into the median or shoulder, 10 points for a full-fledged hit and run.  Mr. Tillman could have easily saved his membership with a simple burnout, but elected not to”.

Mr. Tillman did not respond to our inquiries for comment on the situation, but an anonymous MCA member and close personal friend did mention he has since removed all Ford memorabilia from his garage and has taken his 1992 Corvette C4 out of storage.