FIA and WRC have announced that the Rally of Argentina has been cancelled indefinitely after it came to light from event officials that they did not meet FIA’s quota for injured fans in 2017.  Matias Santos, Rally Argentina Inc CEO, said, “2017 was a really disappointing year for us.  While the rally itself was great, we were not able to send enough fans to the medical tent.  Only three fans had to be transported to local hospitals and the injuries were nothing to talk about – a broken leg, a torn achilles tendon, and one had to get 9 stitches in their head.  2018 was not much better.”

While WRC will not race in Argentina in 2019 or 2020, the event is already looking to make changes to lessen spectator safety, with the hope to get back on the calendar for 2021.  Santos said, “We’ve already started bringing the snow fencing closer to the stage routes and have completely taken down the useless tape lines from most areas.  Hopefully these changes mixed with a marketing campaign that urges fans to get closer, we can get back on the schedule in due time.”