SUQUAMISH, Washington – While returning home from a run to the store, Chuck DeFilippo remembers seeing a brand new Corvette C7 in the lane next to him. That image of the bright yellow Vette is the last thing he remembers before the wheel of his Porsche jerked out of his hands and accelerated towards the other vehicle. DeFilippo recalled, “It was like the car went into autopilot. Just turned right into that Corvette, like it was possessed! I don’t know if it was the accident or a concussion or some such, but I swear I heard the in-car navigation voice shout something angrily in German just before impact.” Both DeFilippo and the driver of the Corvette, John Harris of nearby Silverdale, were able to walk away from the accident unharmed, albeit shaken.

Porsche could not be reached for comment on the matter, but Porsche’s North American President has in the past defended the actions of his vehicles as necessary.