MUNCIE, Ind. – Phil Everett Sr. sits in a two car garage he has dubbed his “man cave” at his Muncie, Indiana home, recalling his glory days and frustrations with modern day IMSA. Everett, who carried tires for the Interscope Racing team while he was in his early 20s, hasn’t held a job in racing in nearly four decades, but that hasn’t stopped him from remaining an avid fan, and technical expert. “Well admittedly the modern IMSA has lost me – traction control, ABS, driver aids, paddle shifters, nobody needed that back then. Men were men”, recalls Everett as he sits in a recliner next to his wife’s Honda Pilot.

Everett believes the current generation of IMSA drivers are much softer than those he grew up watching. “I once saw John Paul Sr. crash a rental car into a light pole in downtown Elkhart Lake, hop out, light a cigarette and just walk away. Boy those were the days.” Everett goes on to express his frustration with IMSA’s method of ensuring close racing, Balance of Performance, or BoP for short. BoP makes it hard on teams. Nature says build a fast car, rules say don’t. Let the fastest car win,” he says, adding, “Run what ya brung, and hope ya brung enough!” All of that said, Everett says the current BoP is all wrong. “Well those daggum Fords are too fast. That car is a prototype racing with the GT2 cars. Should be in LMP!”