NORWAY, Illinois — Taking a page from several international racing series, local track Concept Haulers Motor Speedway adopted a Balance of Performance Formula for every series that runs at the North Central Illinois kart track, even the weekly rent-a-rise series.

However, in a late change of events, race director Mark Schmidt admitted, “We thought that introducing BoP into our racing series would increase participation and action to the track, but instead it seems to have made the racing more stale, and ridicule from someone called Crotch Belt. I don’t get it.”

The father of last year’s track TAG champion Kyler Bishop, David, stated, “It used to be we could unload the kart from the trailer and be quickest. Now it all depends on who puts more money in front of the officials. We went from being on the road to F1, now we’re looking at World Challenge. How can I tell my co-workers my son’s going to be the next World Challenge champion? They only know what F1 is!”

At press time, the race staff was rumored to be within the Bus Stop Kitchen attempting to add ballast weight to the rental kart top 5.