Lime Rock, CT – For the 5000th time since 2015 the former Falken Porsche and current Paul Miller driver has been asked by a fan if he remembers the Falken Porsche. “Do you remember the Falken Porsche?” asked Greg Matthews, a fan, who comes to multiple races a year and always asks the driver the same question. The former Falken Porsche driver nodded and said he remembers the car. “Back in 2017 the number of times I had been asked was only 3500. People laughed when I said I wanted to stick around the sport long enough to see 5000, but here I am. If it weren’t for total strangers asking me about it every weekend, I would have forgotten by now.” Before grabbing a free poster, Matthews added he was going to look for the former Falken Porsche PR woman with long brown hair so he could ask her too.