The FIA has announced that starting with the 2019 racing season, a new class has been created solely for Rich, Old, White, Men.  ROWM, as the class will be known, will be plugged in between the Pro-Am and Am categories with a goal of bringing in more entitled, whinny, rich, white, males into the sport.  56-year-old manufacturing executive and racer Art Kranz is ecstatic about the new-for-2019 class, “Look, I can’t compete with guys like Parente, Long, Rast or even an up-and-comer like Pipo Derani.  It’s time that Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Financiers, Hoteliers and guys like that finally get a shot at a trophy and standing on the top step of the podium.  If I’m going to buy and race a car that is clearly out of my skill set, I want to be rewarded for the dangers I’m putting myself and my fellow racers in.  It’s as simple as that“.

The FIA has also set out plans to create a Rich, Old, White, Male-only racing series starting as early as 2020.