There’s been a theme developing in GT and Touring Car racing – manufacturers turning ugly-ass street cars that would never belong on a race track, into race cars.  BMW has tested the waters with their huge-ass M8 GTE/GTLM with success, thanks to BoP.  Now, Hyundai is following suit as they take the ugly-ass Velostar and turn it into a racer for TCR competition in 2019.

Hyundai Marketing Executive Chung-Li Yup said, “Thankfully BMW and Bentley have set the stage for us to turn our Velostar into a race car. Sales are really struggling and we feel confident that by turning these types of cars into race cars, people will think they are better than they actually are and will give us their money.  The Hyundai Anti-Aesthetics model line has really been slumping since 2016, but we’re confident as a race car, sales will improve”.