It was announced today that a major North American sportscar racing series has reached a five-year agreement with AOL for live streaming of all series races starting with the 2019 season.  “We’re really pleased and excited for this partnership,” said series CEO Tom Wright. “Our series is looking to cross the globe and the internet is all over the world.  Who better to partner with than the company that invented the internet?  This partnership taps into markets we’ve never been able to reach, markets that many other series only dream about reaching.” When ask more specifically about what specific markets he was referring to, Wright just smirked and said, “Just wait.”

Series Vice President and Director of Marketing Lindsay Trund said, “AOL is just the tip of the ice berg for new partners with our series.  We decided at the end of 2018 it was time to keep modernizing and keep inventing, so our new partners will be great, not only for our teams and manufacturers, but also the fans.  I can’t spoil the announcement, but let’s just say our new title sponsor is a major accounting firm out of Houston, Texas that recently ended their deal as the title sponsor for the Houston Astros baseball stadium.”  

While many other sportscar series are stuck in the mud with cable tv deals, Wright says the AOL deal only enhances the fan experience and viewing capabilities.  “Everyone can get AOL, for free, for a lot of hours.  Thousands of hours of AOL are free to the consumer and if you run out of hours, you can always go back to your local Best Buy, another new partner for 2019, and grab a disc from the checkout counter.  They even have a live-chat feature so fans can interact during the race.”  When it was pointed out to Wright that AOL phased out their trial disc campaign in 2006 and AIM Messenger was shut down in 2017, he just smirked and said, “Just wait.”