SHANGHAI, China  — World Endurance Championship CEO Gérard Neveu announced the addition of a new class for next years 2019-2020 WEC Superseason, the Fuji Circuit Safari Bus class. “With the success of the Circuit Safari program at Fuji, it was a no-brainer to expand the initiative to the rest of the events on the Superseason calendar. This will bring so much value to our 55,000 fans,” the Frenchman remarked, “Adding the buses as an actual competitive class during the events? That’s the real genius.” The class will be limited to 4 approved chassis manufacturers and a spec Scania engine, EoT’d somewhere between GTE Pro and GTE Am. “We wanted to make sure the buses were more than just chicanery, these are very fast and very powerful buses.” said FIA President Jean Todt.

Giving fans the ultimate experience, each bus will be piloted by a team of 3 drivers, 2 Platinum or Gold Rated Pros, and a single Silver or Bronze rated Am. Actual public bus drivers will carry a “blue collar” driver rating and will be allowed as well if they can secure funding. Each bus will be required to comfortably carry 44 passengers. Fans who purchase an upgraded ‘participant’ ticket will be allowed to experience the thrill of the WEC aboard a 20-ton coach bus. It is unclear how many teams will enter the class, but the rumor mill indicates that team owners are excited by how much sponsorship can fit on the bus and so are the shareholders.