Dear Shirtless Racing Driver,

I am a student finishing my third year of college but am becoming more and more disillusioned in choice of a major. My chosen major has been a point of contention with my parents, and I really don’t want to continue and want to take a break from college for a year to decide what will be best for me. How do I sit down with my parents to break this news to them and not feel as though I have let them down?


-Confused at ECU

Thank you for the question, Confused at ECU. Having to confront your parents with an issue like this can be intimidating. My advice to you is hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The more water you drink leading up to your gym selfie, the faster your body will start expelling it. After a couple days, only drink when you feel it’s completely necessary. Your muscles will become more pronounced as the water leaves your body, and your flex in the mirror will be that much better. Hope this helps and good luck!


Dear Shirtless Racing Driver,

I am the oldest child of three in my family, and recently my mother past away. My father is in no condition to be alone and should be in an assisted care center so he can get the attention he needs. Neither of my siblings agrees with this, and it is really starting to wear on me mentally. Our only other option is to have a live-in nurse which is something I am not comfortable with. Should I let my siblings have their way to see how it works out, or should I put my foot down?

-Sad about Dad in TN

I am glad you took the time to write in, Sad about Dad. Dealing with the death of a parent and another that needs constant care is always taxing on the children. You might want to consider getting a gym membership where your dad is allowed to come in to take photos of you when you lift. Some gyms might make both of you pay, but there are many that are not bothered with you both coming in and being weird. Remember to always have dad stand to your right for the photo, because the mirror will reflect the flash which is a big mistake. I will be praying for you.


Dear Shirtless Driver is written sporadically by the author in between trips to the gym, GNC, and waiting for the Indy 500.