Rich-kid racer Carl Smithington Jr. will be behind the wheel of a new-for-2019 GT machine for a major manufacturer after Daddy’s check cleared in early October.  As part of the deal, Carl Smithington Sr demanded his son be named a factory driver, to make his career look legit from the outside.  Smithington Jr said, “I’m really excited that my Dad has my back and supports my factory racing career.  Without him and his trust…fund, I would never have been able to make this happen“.

Major Manufacturer Executive said, “Carl Jr. is really something.  He’s got cash, he’s got a dad that will spend said cash and we were more than willing to give him the Factory Driver label after that cash was deposited into our account,” MME continued, “Our next decision will be to see which actual pro factory driver we dislike the most will be paired with him for the season.  Right now we’re leaning toward Momimi Piero because he’s a little Italian weasel and should fit nicely with this rich, spoiled brat“.

Smithington Jr’s 2019 Factory Driver season will officially begin Barcelona at the Barca 24 Hour event in the WEENAR Series.