In an effort to reduce budgets and increase grids for the top class, FIA and ACO heads have decided to focus on the new-for-2020/2021 Hypercar class to replace the expensive and imploding LMP1 category. As the rule makers try to throw together regulations at the 11th hour in an attempt to show IMSA who’s boss in the prototype world, manufacturers are getting impatient and dropping out like flies from the idea of the new platform. “We’re fine,” says WEC spokesman Pierre Frogier while looking straight ahead at his 1999 Macintosh desktop as a fire forms around him. “We’re totally not scrambling for entries. Just because Ferrari, Ford, McLaren, BMW and pretty much every manufacturer not named Toyota have dropped out of the Hypercar conversations, does not mean we are worried. There is still plenty of time for the WEC to get manufacturers interested in the category as we begin our Super season. Another gimmi…I mean tweak, to the foundationally strong series“.
When asked why the series did not just simply adopt IMSA’s growing and budget-friendly DPi format, Frogier replied, “quoi?” then answered a phone call despite his phone not ringing.