Sim racer Mark Tomlinson was shunned and kicked out of his divorced-Dads weekly sim racing league when it came out the single-father of two was not wearing racing gloves while using a plastic toy wheel/pedal set after taking a podium finish in round 14 of the latest SDD Tuesday Night Racing League Race.  “I got an email from the league commissioner the Thursday after the race when, and I know it was him, my league rival Thomas “Robby” Robinson ratted me out for not wearing gloves.  I wear Simpson-branded shoes, but I don’t need gloves! They make my hands sweat and swell and I can’t show up for work with swollen hands!”  

An official statement, which we are still trying to figure out why they are taking it this seriously, was put out by SDD Tuesday Night Racing Leauge staff on the matter.  “Mr. Tomlinson was relieved from the SDD Tuesday Night Racing League when we were approached by an anonymous source informing us Mr. Tomlinson was not wearing racing gloves, which is not in accordance to rule 2.1.6a.  All drivers are required to wear FIA grade racing gloves and racing shoes with optional full-firesuit.  This was not the first time Mr. Tomlinson tip-toed around league rules when in 2016 he received a 100 point penalty for not producing a Hero card or other required Marketing Materials for league autograph signings that occur at Bentley’s Blue Bush Bar at the corner of Highway 74 and Locust Ave in Des Plaines every second Monday of the month.”

I don’t know what I’m going to do now.  If I can’t race, I can’t live.  What do you expect me to do? Go spend time with my kids or join the PTA at their elementary school“, said Tomlinson, “Well that sure as hell ain’t happening, that stuff ain’t me, iRacing is me and I am iRacin’.”  

The league, which has a championship prize purse of $0, elected not to fine Tomlinson for his latest antics.